Lecture 2: User input, conditional statements and loops

The second lecture starts with a quick recap of what we learned last week. After that, we’ll start looking at how to get input from the users into your program, and what to do with that input. After that we’ll move on to conditional statements and learn how we can direct our programs based on, for example, different input that we’ve received from the users. We’ll learn how we can combine different sets of conditions to fine-tune the program flow, and learn to hate missing colons and broken indentation while we do so. After conditional statements, we’ll move on to loop structures, starting with the while loop. While looking a loops, we’ll also have a quick look at what Python modules are and what we can do with them. Once we know everything there is to know about while loops, we’ll learn the horrible truth about strings (they’re actually sequences!). If there’s time, we’ll start working with the for loop, the most magical of all the loops in the world.

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