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The Lectures category contains each and every TECHS5 and TECHS6 lecture.

TECHS6 – Luento 3

Kolmosluennolla tarkastellaan tapoja, joilla usean kirjoittajan tuottamasta modulaarisesta tekstistä pyritään saamaan yhtenäistä.

Luennolla tarkastellaan myös informaatiomalleja yleisellä tasolla sekä aloitetaan DITAan tutustuminen.

Luento 3

TECHS6 – Luento 2

Toisella luennolla perehdytään modulaarisuuden saloihin. Luennolla tutustutaan modulaarisen ohjetekstin rakennuspalasiin ja tarkastellaan millaista problematiikkaa modulaaristen julkaisujen koostamiseen. Luennolla tutustutaan myös erilaisiin tapoihin hallita modulaarista sisältöä ohjelmistojen avulla.

Luento 2

TECHS5: Lecture 6

During lecture 6, we’ll take a look at how we can create our own functions in Python. We’ll learn how we can use functions and their return values to clean the structure of our scripts. We will also have a look at Python’s ElementTree module and see how we can use it to read XML files.

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TECHS5: Lecture 4

During this lecture, we’ll get acquainted with the while loop and look into ways we can harness its amazing powers to repeat stuff lots and lots of times. Next, we’ll move on to for loops and supercharge our iterable-handling powers.

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TECHS5: Lecture 3

The third lecture starts with a quick recap of what we learned last week. Then, we will take a look at the different data structures – lists, tuples and dictionaries – we have at our disposal, and start figuring out how and why we should use them. Once we’ve mastered them all, we’ll move on to loops, starting with the while loop.

If time permits, which it probably won’t, we’ll also have a look at for loops.